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Position Name  
Co-President Julie Letwat  
Co-President Susan Jensen  
Treasurer Beth Shapiro  
Secretary Jennifer Suarez  
VP Administration Lisa Marshall  
Cultural Arts Beth Shapiro  
Hospitality Cecilia Rodriguez  
  Jen Durbala  
Webmaster Xu Ying  
  Rhea Flanagan  
Book Fair Liaison Vanessa Fjeldheim  
VP Fundraising Cary Berman  
Marla’s Lunch Julie Letwat  
School Supplies Mary Beth Furman  
Restaurant Days Laura Bobe  
Deerfield Discount Car Fdran Picklin  
VP Student Services Jessica Berger  
  Dana Mandell  
Social Dance Dana Mandell  
  Jessica Berger  
  Jodie Rodgers  
Graduation Rec Plex Carlee Londo  
Graduation Rec Plex Jamie Agay  
8th grad party Michelle Kaplan  
8th grad party Jenn Dubinsky  
6th Grade Bash Dana Mandell  
  Jessica Berger